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             for Euro 10.-



While many people enjoy my photographs, they do not necessarily have the means to buy them.

This gave me the idea to offer every month a different photograph for a nominal price, notably, for ten Euros (€ 10.-).


For this price you will have the possibility to download the image above with my name and copyright logo on it in high resolution.


You can print it at home, or have it printed by a photo shop in your chosen size, frame it and impress your family and friends.


However, I give this right for your personal use as mentioned above (NOT for reprint, NOT for use it in any kind of altered format, NOT for resale – all rights stays with me.)


How does the payment work?

Payment is made through the PayPal servers, so your data is

secure. When you click the “Buy now” button, the browser will

take you to the PayPal payment page and there you’ll be able

to pay with your chosen method.


Once I get the confirmation email I’ll send you the photograph

to the email address you provide on the PayPal payment page

or the email related to your PayPal account.


If after the payment you think it’s taking longer to receive the

photo than it should, please contact me.

2013 Judit Stowe   All Rights Reserved   

»Life is not measured by the number of  breaths we take, but by

the moments

          that  take our breath away...«

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